2017 Flotilla Winners

1st place
Las Vegas
The Tyson Pletcher family Tate and Jack along with the Bett’s family.

2nd Place
Humane Society
Frank Lucchese Family, Chris Himes Family, Betsy Tepe Family and Friends  

3rd Place
Trump Train
Alana Taylor, Patrick, Patricia & Kris


Most Patriotic
Fort Bristol
Mark and Stephanie Kroll along with Mica, Nick, Brooke, Kate, Laurel and Phillip


Best TV Show
Happy Days
Sandy Elliott & Chuck McKibbin along with Judy Robison, Mark & Jill Graybill, Rick Bourn


Vintage Category
Wray's Ice Cream
Nancy Pletcher and Kidder Family 


Thank you to all who came out and participated in the parade!